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Campervan related blogs I like

If you have stumbled on to this page by googling campervan stuff and haven’t seen my blog before, that’s exactly how I found all these fabulous blogs, picture galleries & websites.  I am… Continue reading

Furniture layout plans

In a year of researching, I have thought a lot about Kevan’s furniture layout.  The factors I have decided are most important to me are: I must be able to fit the (very… Continue reading

Sanding, Grinding, Scraping… Painting!

As I said in my ‘project plan’ post, I have decided that Kevan’s  internal metalwork is scratched up enough that he might eventually rust from the inside out if I leave it as… Continue reading

Presenting… our diy campervan

Originally posted on The Campervan Converts:
Well the deadline was Christmas, and apart from a few final tweaks, our campervan is finished. YAY! The festive corner Fridge nicely stocked We still need to…

Plans for Kevan van Vandervanne.

After a year of researching, doodling pictures and mulling, I think I know what I want to do to Kevan.  Here is an overview of my plans (and like any good ‘To Do’… Continue reading

Campervan links

These are just some of the campervan-related links I have found over the last year.  I have learnt a lot from them.  Well, actually, I have learnt EVERYTHING from them, as googling for… Continue reading

Meet Kevan.

Kevan van Vandervanne is my very own van.  I have had Kevan for a year now. This is Kevan when I bought him, 155,000kms on the clock.  Not bad for a 1995 vintage.  A bit… Continue reading

Welcome to the earthjive blog

I am Jive. This is my blog.  Here you will find posts following my adventures in DIY, veganism and sustainability.  My projects include: Rebuilding my vintage bicycle ‘Corridor’ … (Update:Corridor is now finished, & I am… Continue reading