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Reassembly begins


Last bit of the Corridor-tear-down…

Now where was I… oh that’s right, Corridor was almost nude, with just the chain, derailleur and cables to remove (I thought the pedals moved quite smoothly so I think it must be… Continue reading

More new and old things for Corridor

Got on a bit of a basket roll. I think I have a few too many now, so I can see which ones suit her best. I have also procured some tools and… Continue reading

Bicyclops Inspirations

When I first got Corridor, I started noticing bikes EVERYWHERE!  Cool retro bikes wherever I went.  I started taking photos of some of the ones I liked.  Here’s a selection…   I was… Continue reading

Things for Corridor

Fresh parts for Corridor!! Ordered online from Vintage Bicycle Rebuilds.  They are located in Melbourne, and have a great website with loads of parts specially for old 27″ bicycles like Corridor.  They were… Continue reading

Further disassemblage…

So the front wheel is off.  I also removed the axle to expose the hubs housing the bearings. It was mighty grotty and gritty, explaining why the wheel didn’t turn very freely. Next… Continue reading

Piece by piece, Corridor becomes more nude…

My last post left Corridor sans both brake calipers, both mudguards, and minus her kickstand.  The next things to remove were the brake cables (which need replacing, because they were worn, frayed and… Continue reading

More disassembly shots

Disassembly continues

So the bell, rear reflector and rear luggage rack are off.  As you can see in the previous post the bell is pretty badly rusted up, and I didn’t think I would be… Continue reading

Disassembly begins.