Further disassemblage…

So the front wheel is off.  I also removed the axle to expose the hubs housing the bearings. It was mighty grotty and gritty, explaining why the wheel didn’t turn very freely. Next… Continue reading

Piece by piece, Corridor becomes more nude…

My last post left Corridor sans both brake calipers, both mudguards, and minus her kickstand.  The next things to remove were the brake cables (which need replacing, because they were worn, frayed and… Continue reading

More disassembly shots

Disassembly continues

So the bell, rear reflector and rear luggage rack are off.  As you can see in the previous post the bell is pretty badly rusted up, and I didn’t think I would be… Continue reading

Disassembly begins.

Corridor before her makeover

Some piccies so you can see just how filthy and corroded and in bad repair she actually was, so when you compare these to the finished product, you will think I am a… Continue reading

Corridor: my vintage fixer-upperer project

Meet Corridor.  She is my $30 secondhand bargain bike from Tiny’s Green Shed at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre.  I saw her and decided I needed a project, so I am going… Continue reading

Bicyclops to work and never wear lycra.

I happened upon this article.  It changed my life.  I just had to find me a vintage bike like all the ones I had seen in Copenhagen, the same inspiration that started Trish… Continue reading

Home made, like your grandma used to make.

So in order to be more sustainable, I thought I had better start looking at how much I buy that is pre-packaged, highly processed stuff, in disposable containers and wrapping.  Stuff that, once… Continue reading