Campervan links

These are just some of the campervan-related links I have found over the last year.  I have learnt a lot from them.  Well, actually, I have learnt EVERYTHING from them, as googling for… Continue reading

Meet Kevan.

Kevan van Vandervanne is my very own van.  I have had Kevan for a year now. This is Kevan when I bought him, 155,000kms on the clock.  Not bad for a 1995 vintage.  A bit… Continue reading

Corridor is finished!

After a long time (a veeeeerrrryyy long time) I have finally put Corridor back together again.  I took pictures of the whole reassembly process, but neglected to blog for ages, so now she… Continue reading

Welcome to the earthjive blog

I am Jive. This is my blog.  Here you will find posts following my adventures in DIY, veganism and sustainability.  My projects include: Rebuilding my vintage bicycle ‘Corridor’ … (Update:Corridor is now finished, & I am… Continue reading

Reassembly begins


Last bit of the Corridor-tear-down…

Now where was I… oh that’s right, Corridor was almost nude, with just the chain, derailleur and cables to remove (I thought the pedals moved quite smoothly so I think it must be… Continue reading

I want to have a garden of my very own.

I loved “The Good Life” as a kid.  I worked in a fruit & vegetable shop for a while, and despite it being a really shitty job with bosses who just yelled and… Continue reading

More new and old things for Corridor

Got on a bit of a basket roll. I think I have a few too many now, so I can see which ones suit her best. I have also procured some tools and… Continue reading

Bicyclops Inspirations

When I first got Corridor, I started noticing bikes EVERYWHERE!  Cool retro bikes wherever I went.  I started taking photos of some of the ones I liked.  Here’s a selection…   I was… Continue reading

Things for Corridor

Fresh parts for Corridor!! Ordered online from Vintage Bicycle Rebuilds.  They are located in Melbourne, and have a great website with loads of parts specially for old 27″ bicycles like Corridor.  They were… Continue reading