This year’s vegetable garden preparations begin…

Winter is almost over, and it is time to get the garden beds ready for this year’s garden.  This was the state of the old beds after they sat untended since we pulled… Continue reading

The most amazing self-reliant house/farm/garden wonderland!

I am so inspired by this video.  When I grow up, I want to have an amazing functional garden and have done up our very own  self reliant house all through DIY and… Continue reading

Random vegan dinner

When my girlfriend is out for the evening and I’m home alone, I usually want to spend my time doing things like working on Kevan-ish things*, trawling campervan forums, watching Star Trek and… Continue reading

Raw caramel fudge- vegan, and TWO ingredients.

It looks like a moist, delectably rich and sweet chocolatey-caramelly-brownsugary-buttery-brown morsel of utter indulgent badness, but the two ingredients aren’t any of the ones that I just alluded to, and there’s no badness… Continue reading

Our vegetable garden: a learning journey

Since my first post about wanting a garden of my very own (here), a jolly long time has passed, and two rounds of spring plantings and spring-summer harvests.  We have achieved modest results,… Continue reading

Campervan related blogs I like

If you have stumbled on to this page by googling campervan stuff and haven’t seen my blog before, that’s exactly how I found all these fabulous blogs, picture galleries & websites.  I am… Continue reading

Covering campervan ceiling panels: part 1

It was too rainy today to do more priming inside Kevan, so instead I tried covering one of the ceiling panels I had cut out of 3mm MDF. First I had a practice… Continue reading

DIY Compost bins. I built them out of pallets.

    Because one small compost bin is not enough. (Plus, we had spare pallets, and I needed to practice using a power drill).  Under the blue tarp is some beautifully cooked compost,… Continue reading

Interior paint prep progress…

Slowly but surely I am making progress inside Kevan, with sanding back the scratched areas and priming the bare metal.  I’ve managed to do the rear right hand corner so far, using a combination… Continue reading

Furniture layout plans

In a year of researching, I have thought a lot about Kevan’s furniture layout.  The factors I have decided are most important to me are: I must be able to fit the (very… Continue reading