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Raw caramel fudge- vegan, and TWO ingredients.

It looks like a moist, delectably rich and sweet chocolatey-caramelly-brownsugary-buttery-brown morsel of utter indulgent badness, but the two ingredients aren’t any of the ones that I just alluded to, and there’s no badness… Continue reading

Cinnamon Whirls

Originally posted on Bunny Kitchen:
These are what I know as ‘proper’ cinnamon whirls. Not the yeasted bread dough whirls (which undeniably too are delicious) but a pastry whirl – a cinnamon Danish – the sort you…

Vegan lentil and spinach lasagne

Ingredients: fresh garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, basil (I used the stuff from a tube, but I realize now that it had whey in it, so I will not do that again…), red… Continue reading

Green Thai Curry

Originally posted on HerbiFit:
One of my favourite dishes. I love the balance of the heat of the chillies and the cooling coconut milk here as well as sharp hit of lime. As…

Vegan fudge balls

. Ingredients: 30 almonds blended in food processor, then add 20 pitted dates, 2T cocoa, 2T dessicated coconut, 2T melted copha (or coconut oil), blend til fudgy, adding a bit of water if nec),… Continue reading

My Vegan Pizzas

Ingredients: Lebanese bread (‘Vitastic’ brand from Coles), tomato paste (‘Coles’ brand) mixed with a bit of olive oil, fresh crushed/chopped garlic, steamed pumpkin, sliced black olives (‘Always Fresh’ brand in a jar), chopped… Continue reading