Kevan update: foam sofabed and a curtain!

Ran out of blogging steam for a while, sorry.  Kevan looks like this now…



The curtain is a test hang.  The wire needs tightening, but it was jolly exciting drilling my first holes in Kevan to affix the curtain wire!  I’ve decided the curtain is too wide.  That one is meant to be one of 2 drops for the rear window, and I made it with a ‘bunch factor’ of 2, i.e. the fabric is double the width of the actual width of half a window.  I think I’ll trim some of it off. and make the next drop with a bunch factor of 1.5. Then the curtain needs hemming, and little magnets sown in to the hem so the curtain doesn’t hang away from the window at the bottom. And proper sewn tiebacks.

For the couch in the picture, that is 4 segments of foam mattress, cut so it can be arranged like that for sitting during the day, arranged into a bed for sleeping, and stacked behind the dog crate while travelling.  I’m going to get two single doona covers and stick 2 bits of foam in each, like removable cushion covers.  I can’t use one big doona cover, as I wont be able to rearrange the cushions into the different configurations.

To get the cushions like this, I had to cut two wheel arch cutouts into the foam with an electric breadknife:


This sofabed is temporary, until I build the bed platform.  So that means I will probably be using this foam one for a year or so, lol.