Day 1 Campervan Conversion Leave: Garage Cleanup, Towbar Removal, Ceiling Panel Covering part 2 and Ceiling Insulation part 1

Day one of my two weeks of ‘Campervan Conversion Leave’.  Today I tidied up, vacuumed and dusted the garage in preparation for doing gluing and painting which needs a clean workspace (no pics of that, that was the boring bit).

Then I removed the towbar on Kevan:


I don’t use it to tow anything at the moment, and it needed to be removed it because it bolts through the floor, and the bolts needed to come out for painting the floor.  This is one of the holes after I took the bolt out:


Removal involved about an hour of me in a very undignified position underneath Kevan, loosening nuts with WD40, and wielding large spanners with safety glasses on so WD40 and under-van-crap didn’t drip in my eyes.  I was quite pleased at how dirty I got.  I needed to get help from Megan and our neighbour Ray from up the road (he used to own an Econovan and is generally handy), because I thought I was going to get trapped underneath Kevan by the falling towbar when I pulled out the last bolt.  I managed to get it off without a towbar mark in the middle of my face, hurrah!  I used these furniture dollies to get it into the garage:


I taped up the dangling towbar electrical cable with duct tape so it won’t dangle down while driving.  Next I turned to covering my ceiling panels with my funky Ikea Fredrika fabric.  I started with the one I had already covered previously, but I didn’t use enough spray adhesive and it just pulled off again (see this earlier post).  I stuck the fabric down with a more liberal application of Kwik Grip spray adhesive:


Then I flipped it over and stuck down the edges with the same Kwik Grip adhesive but in a tin, applied with a paintbrush (cheaper than the spray, but the yellow goo shows through the fabric, so I can’t use it for the front side).


I quite enjoyed that. It was like covering exercise books with contact for school, only bigger.  Next I cut my first bit of 3mm EVA closed cell foam from Clark Rubber for ceiling insulation.  I cut it to a bit smaller than the ceiling panel.  Here is my attempt at setting up straight cuts with a try-square and a piece of scrap MDF as a straight edge:


Here is the piece cut to size, laid on top of the ceiling panel:


That’s pretty much all I got done on day one, because I phfaphff a lot, and I had to take a trip to Bunnings to buy more adhesive and solvent-resistant nitrile gloves.  Then I took Clifford for a walk, and this evening I am going to start sewing on some tabs for my first hidden-tab curtain.

Tomorrow I will glue the EVA foam to the ceiling panel, and hopefully cover the rest of the ceiling panels.  Then I will probably tackle sanding and cleaning up of the floor, and priming.  While primer is drying, I thought I might cut out the foam underlay for underneath the floor, and drill the holes I need in the wooden floor that will allow it to be bolted down.  Not all tomorrow of course, I’m not that efficient.