Raised garden bed almost finished!

I managed to get all the sleepers cut to size that I needed.  😮  That was scary. However, no arms or legs were chopped off, and although I didn’t get the fit 100% perfect, it is good enough.

Here it is, with all the sleepers in place, but not yet secured together:



I was going to cut the longest railway sleeper to size (which you can see on the side closest to the wooden fence) because it is longer than the others and overhangs (see and the top photo).  However, when I was ready to cut it, no-one else was home to help me carry it to the saw-horses, so I decided to not bother.  I can cut it next year if I feel like it.

That is as far as I got today before it started to get dark.  Still to do tomorrow: I am going to try and scavenge some more stakes from the neighbours (did I mention I am trying to recycle materials in making this bed?), which I will hammer in around the sides and then trim them flush with the top of the sleepers.  I may or may not screw them together as well, depending on how secure the stakes make it.

I also intend to take a wheelbarrow and a shovel out onto the reserve next to our house, where a large pile of wood chips has been sitting for a whole year.  I think some tree surgeons cut some trees somewhere nearby, and then chipped it all and left it there, so I’m sure no-one will mind if I take it.  I am going to spread the wood chips over the Vinca-suppressing carpet around the edges of the bed, to make it look less ugly.  (We need that carpet there, seriously, in spring the Vinca is like a thousand small children, growing a centimetre a minute and climbing all over everything!)

However, before the wood chip mulch is spread out, the next job will be done by my girlfriend.  She is going to assemble the layers of cardboard, manure, lucerne hay and straw which will form the no-dig garden bed.  Then her other girlfriend is going to do some turning of our compost, and spread the batch of compost that is ready onto the top of the no dig bed as the last layer (I think that is the plan).  Then I will set up the watering system ready for seedlings to be planted out in spring. Exciting!