Raw caramel fudge- vegan, and TWO ingredients.

Image used with permission from http://www.eatingvibrantly.com (see comment below)

It looks like a moist, delectably rich and sweet chocolatey-caramelly-brownsugary-buttery-brown morsel of utter indulgent badness, but the two ingredients aren’t any of the ones that I just alluded to, and there’s no badness at all.

I wanted to embed a url-linked picture of the fudge for your mouth-watering pleasure and to entice you to click on the link, but the images are not linkable, so you will have to go to the source. I imagine you are already clicking on it because my description was so enticing. ***update: I added a picture!!

Check out the recipe from Eating Vibrantly here:


Vegan, and only TWO ingredients.

I kid you not.