Random vegan dinner

Random vegan dinner

When my girlfriend is out for the evening and I’m home alone, I usually want to spend my time doing things like working on Kevan-ish things*, trawling campervan forums, watching Star Trek and singing for the cats, or taking Clifford** on an adventure.  So when it comes to dinner, I am likely to invest no effort at all, and spend the evening eating two bags of popcorn, twelve oreos and fifteen cups of tea.  I may stretch myself and prepare a bowl of spaghetti with Nuttelex and sugar,  but generally I just can’t bring myself to invest any time cooking when it is just me eating, because I have very low standards (I am quite a lot like Clifford).

Clearly I am in need of ideas for easy, nutritious, vegan, thrown-together dinners which are still quick enough to allow me to spend most of the night doing something else.  I thought a bit about this today in preparation for a night at home alone.

After work I took Clifford to dog school, and when I came home I threw together this random vegan meal.  It consisted of Helgas Five Grain toast with Mayver’s unhulled tahini, half a can of organic baked beans from Coles (I can’t remember the brand because this half of the can was leftovers from the other night, before I put the recycling bin out), a big mushroom from Choku Bai Jo at Curtin which I put in a frying pan with a bit of Nuttelex and water for 5 minutes, some organic salad leaves also from Choku Bai Jo, cucumber and vinagrette dressing.

That was pretty good I thought.


*Kevan is my van, see the ‘campervan’ link at the top of the page.

**Clifford is my Labrador, for who I am converting Kevan into a campervan.