Campervan related blogs I like

If you have stumbled on to this page by googling campervan stuff and haven’t seen my blog before, that’s exactly how I found all these fabulous blogs, picture galleries & websites.  I am converting my very own (kind of ugly) van ‘Kevan’ into a campervan for me, my girlfriend and our Labrador to go camping at the coast, and in preparation for this mammoth DIY task, I have soaked up ideas and info from all these sites, and a bunch of different web forums dedicated to converting vans into campervans, and restoring vintage VW buses (see my first campervan links post here).

  • – A gorgeous photo and film journal about campervanning and surfing (and the ‘build thread’ for the stunning wooden camper interior can be found here ).
  • – Website from the author of the books “My Cool Campervan”, “My Cool Caravan” and “My Cool Shed”, featuring vintage campervans and caravans. Beautiful! (The girlfriend bought me the books too 😀 )
  • – Seems to be having a bit of a hypertext issue at the top of the page, but scroll down and you will find an awesome VW campervan blog, lots of inspiration. (Let me know if this issue gets fixed and I will change my blurb about this blog)
  • – Blog by Martin Dory, a UK based writer of campervan books and presenter of a campervan TV show. He travels in his bay window VW camper with his family and a dog.