Covering campervan ceiling panels: part 1

It was too rainy today to do more priming inside Kevan, so instead I tried covering one of the ceiling panels I had cut out of 3mm MDF. First I had a practice using the spray glue:



Then I sprayed the adhesive all over the fabric and the panel, and let it dry to a tack:


Then I realized I should have had a second person to help me fold the fabric over the panel so that some bits didn’t touch before other bits. However, it turned out that it doesn’t stick until you apply pressure, so I managed to get the fabric on flat, then I rolled it smooth with the little roller.  Turned out to be not so hard!


I left the end folded up like that so it didn’t stick to the plastic on the table.  Isn’t it just the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?  I can’t wait til I am camping in Kevan, and lying in bed and looking up at this! ❤

Next step is to flip it over and stick down the edges. Stay tuned for part 2…