Interior paint prep progress…

Slowly but surely I am making progress inside Kevan, with sanding back the scratched areas and priming the bare metal.  I’ve managed to do the rear right hand corner so far, using a combination of 60 & 80 grit flap disks on a power drill for rough sanding, a wire brush on the drill and metal scraper blades to remove the thick layer of spilt paint over the wheel arch, and wet n dry sandpaper in 240 then 400 then 600 grit to smooth and feather out all the edges, and 600 to scuff up the intact paint that would get primered too.




I also applied White Knight rust converter, just because I wanted to test if I had removed all the (tiny) rusty bits around the edge of the rear door opening and the wheel arches.  This step is not required unless you have heavy rust, according to the Rust Guard product information, however I just wanted to do it as an experiment to test my preparation skills. Sure enough, I only found two teensy spots that had turned black from the reaction of the phosphoric acid with the iron oxide, so I won’t bother with this step again. Here it is bubbling away:


I started to mask up to have a go at spraying the primer on from a rattle can, but got halfway through the masking up and realised it would take me too long to mask up properly, so I decided to leave the spraycan test for another day.


I then used the White Knight Rust Guard metal primer, experimenting with using a foam brush to do one small area (to the right of the window below), and a high density foam roller to do the bigger area under the window back to the rear door and the wheel arch.  I tried both neat primer and primer thinned with some of the White Knight solvent, but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference to the finish.  The neat primer might have gone on a bit thicker, but I can’t really tell.  I ended up finishing the primering in the dark with a head torch… (I’m not so good with guessing how much time things are going to take).



I’ll be making my way around the inside until all the scratched areas are sanded and primered like this.  Then I will lightly sand the whole inside with 600 grit, and paint.  It feels like a big job, eep!