Presenting… our diy campervan

A brilliant campervan conversion by a couple in QLD. I will be referring back to this blog regularly to see how they did things. If Kevan turns out even half as good as this, I will be beaming with pride! It won’t be as posh though, they have a proper fridge, stovetop with an extractor fan, proper curtain railings, proper wooden floorboards and a wooden benchtop, and a BATHROOM! Kevan just isn’t that big. Thank you Rachel & Paul for sharing your wisdom.

The Campervan Converts

Well the deadline was Christmas, and apart from a few final tweaks, our campervan is finished. YAY!

The festive corner

Fridge nicely stocked

We still need to finish some edging, paint the inside of the back door and make some tiebacks (ribbon will do for now, in keeping with the season) but this can all wait until the Christmas break.

Of course I’m biased, but I think Paul has done a stunning job – the van is unrecognisable from its days as a minibus and I can’t wait for lots of campervanning mini-breaks.

And the maiden voyage is not far off; we’ve booked one night on North Stradbroke Island at a beachside campsite called Adder Rock. We’re hoping the name is not prophetic, but just in case we’ll be requesting a pitch far from any rocks.

We’ll let you know how it goes. Merry Christmas everyone!

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