Cinnamon Whirls


Bunny Kitchen


These are what I know as ‘proper’ cinnamon whirls. Not the yeasted bread dough whirls (which undeniably too are delicious) but a pastry whirl – a cinnamon Danish – the sort you find in the bakery, even in the supermarket bakeries. Crisp, sweet flaky pastry swirled around an aromatic, fragrant cinnamon butter. Delicious…..

These are also incredibly easy. This is a bit of a cheats recipe – I always use ready made, even ready rolled puff pastry. Yes its a cheat but ready made puff pastry is very good, gives perfect results and means I can knock up a batch of these within half an hour on a week night if I want to – so what?!! Of course, make your own puff pastry or Danish pastry if you like but rest assured that the ready made stuff will do you proud.

Ingredients: Makes 12

1 pack ready rolled puff pastry (about 375g) or alternative…

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