Meet Kevan.

Kevan van Vandervanne is my very own van.  I have had Kevan for a year now. This is Kevan when I bought him, 155,000kms on the clock.  Not bad for a 1995 vintage.
3903 lf econovancensored3903 lr econovancensoredP10405283903 ins rear econovan
 A bit scratched up, but otherwise sound and with a rebuilt engine which has not given me any problems this year, besides needing a bit of winter warm up choke time.  Oh, and being an inland Australian van, NO RUST! None.  Well, one spot under a window. Well, a few other tiny ones as well, but they are only surface rust around scratches which I will be able to sand away easily, leaving a 100% structurally sound van underneath.
I bought Kevan intending to convert him into a campervan (a rather ambitious project for a girl who once made a pencil box in year 7 woodwork, has changed the odd tyre and has now rebuilt one bicycle, but otherwise has no DIY skills whatsoever). This is how much I have done already:
As you can see, I’ve come a long way.

What this year has really been about is reconnaissance. I have spent countless hours skulking around web forums* devoted to self-build campervan conversions, peering in the windows of every campervan I see parked anywhere, spending all my pocket money on VW Kombi magazines, and filling up a scrapbook with ideas. Oh and I built a few models of furniture layouts with cardboard …
… and a miniaturized version of a bed-seat combo out of balsa wood (that was fun, I recommend it highly) …
… cut new ceiling panels from 3mm MDF …
… cut a wooden floor out of recycled 10mm MDF…
… bought hippy fabric to cover my ceiling panels and make curtains from …
…and if I have enough leftover I might have a bit of a crack at making this (not for the campervan, obviously):
I have also borrowed textbooks on carpentry, panel beating, spray painting and automotive upholstery, and sought out links for national and local legislative requirements for vehicle modification and recreational vehicle standards. I then got so completely overwhelmed that I just read all the Harry Potter books instead. But back to Kevan…
Kevan has also taken me, my partner and our dog on several camping trips, which have been jolly chaotic (gear strewn about everywhere, mattresses that didn’t fit between the wheel arches, badly planned dog tethering arrangement resulting in table legs being taken out by the lead and gas cooker plus hot breakfast on the ground, dog crate surrounded by so much gear that toilet stops on the drive required emptying the whole van before we could get him out), but have served to inform my planning for the final layout.
Now, After my full year of research and reconnaissance, I feel I’m ready to start actually transforming the interior into something that meets our needs, & looks fab & hippy. Here I go…
* I will be adding weblinks that I have found useful and inspiring on a ‘Campervan Links’ page.  Once up you will be able to find it under the ‘Campervan’ menu at the top of the page.