Corridor is finished!

After a long time (a veeeeerrrryyy long time) I have finally put Corridor back together again.  I took pictures of the whole reassembly process, but neglected to blog for ages, so now she is fully back together again and I just want to post finished pictures.  Here she is:


She has new tyres and tubes, new brake cables, a new second hand saddle, a new bell, vintage ’60s basket on the front, a wide basket on the back so I can strap a gym bag to it, a thoroughly cleaned chain, and degreased and re-lubricated bearings.  I also removed some links from the chain to make it short enough to omit the derallier, bhecause I decided to go with a single speed bike for simplicity; I can just coast along and not have to worry about changing gears, it is very relaxing. (The chain looks a bit slack in the picture above, because I hadn’t put it back on the right cog.  It is fixed now.)  Corridor also has a hand made peg doll attached to the front basket, which my girlfriend made when she was about nine years old:


If I get around to it, I will fill in the gaps in the reassembly process with more photos.  I really should do that, because it will help me remember what to do when I start working on the new vintage bike I have acquired (Thanks Wally), which I am giving to my sister.  This is the new bike project:


Wish me luck!