Campervan links

These are just some of the campervan-related links I have found over the last year.  I have learnt a lot from them.  Well, actually, I have learnt EVERYTHING from them, as googling for links like these has been my sole source of information.

  • The VW T4 Forum:  – A UK based web forum for lovers of the two most recent VW vans, the T4 and the T5.  The ‘conversions’ page has been particularly useful.  I have spent countless hours browsing this forum and seeing the most completely brilliant* looking DIY conversions, that surely will make anything I can do look absolutely pants*, but I can only try… (*UK readers: do you see what I did there? :p)
  • The Campervan Converts: – An informative and witty Queensland based blog about the adventures of a couple who bought and converted an ex-‘Maxi Taxi’ Toyota Hiace van into a spectacular campervan, and have documented the entire conversion as well as many camping trips around QLD & northern NSW.  This campervan is sleek, I swear it looks like a posh modern apartment!
  • The Kombi Club Forums: – An Australian forum dedicated mainly to the old VW Type 2 kombis.  The ‘resto corner’ contains threads of many projects to restore and renovate these stunning old campervans.  Also has some good threads about good places to camp in Australia.
  • Club 80-90 Forums: – Another UK forum, this time for enthusiasts of the ’80’s-style VW T3 vans.  Lots of threads on building camper conversions, and an eye-opening thread about painting a van with rust-preventative paint and a !ROLLER! (Check it out, these vans look BRILLIANT!  All it takes is many many many hours of sanding between coats of this self-levelling paint, and the result is like a professional spray job! See here)
  • – Another UK site (the Brits love their campervans) with loads of informative articles on how to build your own campervan, as well as project threads from people who have done their own vans.

More to come.