Welcome to the earthjive blog

I am Jive. This is my blog.  Here you will find posts following my adventures in DIY, veganism and sustainability.  My projects include:

Rebuilding my vintage bicycle ‘Corridor’ …


(Update:Corridor is now finished, & I am riding her to work every day!)

… converting a very nondescript Ford Econovan ‘Kevan van Vandervanne’ into a campervan extraordinaire …


… learning how to become a vegan …


… and random efforts to become more sustainable by making things, growing vegies, repurposing second hand things etc.

Bottles o bodywash IMG_1012

Please explore the menus above to navigate to each project.  The posts are ordered by date, with the earliest at the bottom, so if you want to follow them in order, scroll down to the very earliest and click on it, and then progress to the next post with the ‘NEXT’ button.