Last bit of the Corridor-tear-down…

Now where was I… oh that’s right, Corridor was almost nude, with just the chain, derailleur and cables to remove (I thought the pedals moved quite smoothly so I think it must be clean inside there and I don’t think I need to take that bit apart).

This is where I was up to

Removed derailleur to clean and check it

looks ok to me... ??

chain removed, degreased, cleaned w a toothbrush and lubed

Stickers removed from frame with hairdryer to melt adhesive


Cables also removed.  Headset (the moving part where the handlebar stem inserts into the frame) seems to be moving freely so not taking it apart, that’s a job for another time.

tyres and tubes removed from wheels

Removed & cleaned one bearing from rear wheel, but haven't been able to get cassette off to clean the other one...

And that’s it for the disassembly!  Next up the frame is being painted and I’m putting it back together!