I want to have a garden of my very own.

This is not my garden, it is the garden from a few years ago at the Environment Centre at Farrer Primary School. If primary school kids can do it, we all can.

I loved “The Good Life” as a kid.  I worked in a fruit & vegetable shop for a while, and despite it being a really shitty job with bosses who just yelled and didn’t have the first clue about training, all that fresh produce smelt really good and inspired me to cook with fresh veges.  I have even had a vegetable garden once, with my ex, in a patch of lawn that we dug up. We grew corn, baby capsicum, rocket, tomatoes, silverbeet, and attempted carrots.

So as another part of learning to be more sustainable, my girlfriend is starting a no-dig vege garden in our backyard, and I have been learning about sourcing locally grown food.

It just so happens that our local shops have this fantastic fruit and veg shop called Choku Bai Jo, which sells all Australian produce, as much from the local area as possible, and as much organic stuff as possible.  They have signs which list where each item was grown, and how many kilometres away each farm is, and everything smells and tastes delicious! They also have a stall at the local farmers market which happens every sunday, along with a whole bunch of other local growers. I haven’t made it out there yet, but intend to go.

While Megan plans out where to put the vege plots, what to put in them, when to plant and how to prepare the bed, I am going to gather up all the random bits of dripper system pipe that I have noticed is littering our garden, and learn how to connect them all up into a functioning dripper watering system.  Reducing water usage AND reusing old found materials!  Good old Bunnings has made this helpful DIY watering system pamphlet especially for me, and I have been youtubing for more helpful hints. This video seems a good one (it’s about 8minutes):

Ahh Americans doing things for TV are funny. 🙂

So. Growing veges. It’s sustainable living innit.  And just so we all appreciate the timeless wonder of the whole thing: