More new and old things for Corridor

Got on a bit of a basket roll. I think I have a few too many now, so I can see which ones suit her best.

Round basket, $1 from the Salvos. Possibly as a pannier basket.

Retro basket from Lost & Found Market in Carlton, Melbourne

I have also procured some tools and things:

Tyre levers, to help get the tyres off (pretty crap ones)

Multi spanner tool. Very crap. Don’t buy bike tools from the $2 shop.

Chain breaker. Borrowed from a lovely man at work with a cool white man’s ‘fro.

Tooly bit to get my rear gear cassette off. Unfortunately now I have bought it, I realised I probably need a vice to use with it, cos I won’t have enough grunt to turn it with a spanner. Anyone have a bench-mounted vice?

Grease. Lube. For regreasing my bearings. It is bright red. Not like any lube I’ve ever seen before.

2nd hand quilted saddle!! I gave it a wash and it looks like new! Cost about $4 from Tiny’s Green Shed. Score!