Piece by piece, Corridor becomes more nude…

My last post left Corridor sans both brake calipers, both mudguards, and minus her kickstand.  The next things to remove were the brake cables (which need replacing, because they were worn, frayed and I had to cut them to disconnect them from the calipers), followed by her wheels!  If this is all getting a bit boring for you, rest assured she is almost completely disassembled now, and then the fun bit of ordering replacement parts, cleaning her all up and putting her back together will ensue!

Left brake lever, pretty grotty

Right brake lever, also grotty.

Brake levers and cables removed.

Now for the front wheel: Nuts removed...

Nutty bits

Nudal front axle

Front wheel liberated!!!

Corridor almost nude! Still remaining is to take the rear wheel off, remove and clean the chain, remove and clean rear derailleur, remove gear cables, remove and clean the axles and the hubs containing the ball bearings, and remove and clean the headset (the bit that turns below handlebars that also has ball bearings in it.