Disassembly continues

So the bell, rear reflector and rear luggage rack are off.  As you can see in the previous post the bell is pretty badly rusted up, and I didn’t think I would be able to scrub it up clean, so I have found a cool new bell ($7.95 at “Cycle City Lyneham” ) with a penny farthing on it:

Next up I removed the metal thingumy that the reflector attached onto, and the rear brake calipers (Thankyou Vintage Bicycle Rebuilds website for teaching me what some thingums are called).  The brake caliper removal was a bitch!  The ends of the brake cables were all frayed, so they wouldn’t slide out of the doovelackies holding them onto the calipery bits, so I had to cut them.  It took THREE wire cutters from our toolbox, PLUS the neighbours wirecutters, PLUS loads of elbow grease to cut through those cables.  Thus new brake cables will be required.  Now for some pictures to track the process, starting from where we left off:

This nut holding the reflector to the brakes is next to go

Then I had to remove 1 brake pad to be able to pull the calipers away from the wheel

Then I slid the whole thing out where it attached to the frame

Then I slid the whole thing out where it attached to the frame

Voila! It was still attached to the bike by the cable though

So I undid the screw holding the cable on, then realized it was too frayed to slide out of the hole near my thumb..

and cut the cable with much ado, then pulled the brake calipers free!