Corridor: my vintage fixer-upperer project

Corridor! Before pic1

Meet Corridor.  She is my $30 secondhand bargain bike from Tiny’s Green Shed at the Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre.  I saw her and decided I needed a project, so I am going to do my best to fix her up to look like new.  I have been inspired by sites like these ones:

Vintage Bicycle Rebuilds  – a Melbourne based company that rebuilds bikes just like Corridor, to look like this or this (and sell for almost $600!!).

The Recyclery – a non-profit used-bicycle collective based in Chicago, run by volunteers who restore donated and discarded bikes and run workshops, and the Canberra Recyclery version based on the ANU campus who do the same.

This blogspot post about DIY vintage bicycle repair, which seems to have been written specially for me!

Corridor Before pic 2

When I first started to get excited about my project, I thought I wanted Corridor to end up looking just like the bikes fixed up buy the professional bike rebuilding gurus, but they have replaced almost every part with a brand new one except the frame and freshly powder coated it, and that doesn’t seem very sustainable to me.  Thus my goal will be to get her looking as much like new again, with as many original or second hand bits on her as possible.  One day I may be able to get her painted green, but she will probably still look similar to what she does not, but with less rust, functioning brakes and gears, new tyres, tubes and cables, and added pre-loved baskets, and most importantly be rideable and saved from landfill, and saving me from forking out for a brand new, and much more crap, BigW bike.

So… where to start.  I thought I had best thoroughly document the state of the bike before I start, not merely so I can congratulate myself on my cleverness once it looks a whole lot better, but so I can work out how to put it all back together again.  I shall post detailed pictures on this page.  Stay tuned.

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