Home made, like your grandma used to make.

So in order to be more sustainable, I thought I had better start looking at how much I buy that is pre-packaged, highly processed stuff, in disposable containers and wrapping.  Stuff that, once upon a time, would have either been made at home like cakes, biscuits, bread and pies, or bought from the local general store wrapped in paper, or put into the container you had brought with you, or delivered in reusable bottles that would be collected, washed and reused.

What can I make at home instead of buying it?  Not much, unless I quit my job, but possibly a bit, and I haven’t baked cakes or bikkies for years, so I will investigate that and post the results.  What can I buy that isn’t wrapped in something that will end up in one of my bins?  Seems like quite a challenge, because everything is vaccuum packed or shrink wrapped or in individual plastic bags inside a bigger plastic bag, both unrecycleable, but I have to start somewhere.  If there is an unwrapped option, I will buy that.  What else?

I happened to have a pile of old black bananas that were taking up an entire freezer because they had gone soft and I thought we could use them for something, bunged them in the freezer, bought more bananas, they went soft, etc.  I can’t possibly eat that many banana smoothies, and I remembered how yummy smelling the body shop banana shampoo and conditioner was, so I invented a recipe for a banana body wash, and made a few batches to try it out.

The first batch was a pile of frozen bananas blended up with oats, with sea salt added as a preservative.  That batch smelt really yummy, but nothing like the body shop products, and went brown really fast.  I still used it all and it made my skin nicely soft:)

The next batch I put loads more salt in it, dissolved in and extra added crystals, and also added a whole coconut that I cracked open, collected the juice, and pulverized the flesh, and put it all through our juicer (a bit blunter now than it was).  That one was so very deliciously creamy and moisturising!!  The salt stung a bit if it got into cuts, but it is probably pretty good for them.Bottles o bodywash

The next batch I made was the best, just with coconut, oat and salt this time, because the banana in the other batches had gone a bit manky, even with all the salt.  This batch was so good I made more for some friends, and made labels 🙂

Mmmmmmmm.  If you have never tried washing yourself with real coconut, try it.  The coconut oils make your skin so very soft you will just want to stay home and touch yourself, and I’m just talking about touching your arm!!  It is so good.  Paired with the oats, which give a milky graininess to it that makes it feel a bit scrubby.  So does the salt, if you put enough in so it doesn’t all dissolve.

Next I am going to try making a kiwifruit, almond and salt facewash, or something like that.  In fact, maybe I will just buy whatever fruit is the cheapest at the markets on a sunday and make that into a body product!

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